About Me! – The Fanciful Fungirl

About me!

Hi, My name is Melissa. I am 23 years old (ew) and I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia. I have a Bachelor of Science degree with added honours because I’m a high achiever…not really, I just couldn’t find a job. I currently work as a Chemistry demonstrator in a University but I really want to get into product development of cosmetics (if anyone has any work in this area, let me know please!).

Blogging journey

I started my original nail art blog way back in 2012, but seeing as I can’t decide on anything, I’ve change blog names three times. The current reincarnation of my blog (The Fanciful Fungirl) comes from my love of mushrooms and because it could encompass my expanding blog focus.
And what have I expanded that focus to you might ask? Well my blog now has sections for nails, beauty, fashion and hair. I mainly blog about nails and beauty though, because they go hand in hand. (See my 100 days of nails and makeup posts for proof)
Why do I blog about these things? I actually mainly blog for myself, so one day I might look back on it and laugh (and maybe cry) about what I was doing when I was in my 20s. However I also blog because I enjoy it and I can (I know, excellent explanation there).
All my contacts can be found below. Come find me, I promise I don’t bite!