Only in Japan...

Only in Japan…The Hello Kitty Car Park

There are things you instantly associate with Japan. Things such as sushi, geisha, robots, the widespread inability to speak English and, all things kawaii. For visitors to Japan, these are things to gape and exclaim over however, having lived here for almost a year and a half, these things now rarely make me miss a beat. But even I occasionally find myself laughing over something saying, that is so Japanese, hence this new series has been born. Only in Japan… is going to be a photo series, where I show you something that made me take pause and realise I am indeed living in Japan.

The first in this series is this Hello Kitty Car Park, I found in my wanderings of Osaka. Please enjoy.

Hello Kitty Car Park

Prepare your eyes for an onslaught of pink and things so cute you might lose your man card (if you are a man, filled in the document that gave you one at birth…and haven’t yet realised this is a completely fabricated document worth nothing to you or anyone else).

Hello Kitty Car Park

Hello KittyHello Kitty in Japan

Hello Kitty Light

Hello Kitty Car ParkHello Kitty Car ParkHello Kitty Vending Machine

(I don’t know how to do fancy picture layouts, I apologise!)

Until next time!


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