I’m not living your dream…

This isn’t a Melissa’s guide. This is a quick post to say something slightly profound and totally full of wisdom.

I’m not living your dream. I’m living my dream.

living the dream

If you ask me what I’m doing with my life, and I say I’m living in Japan, don’t tell me, oh man, you’re living my dream, I’ve always wanted to live in Japan/overseas/on the moon. Because guess what my response will be, if I actually vocalised my response instead of saying the generic, oh yeah, that’s cool.

Well, why the hell aren’t you?

I mean there could be a million reasons for this. I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, my significant other doesn’t want to come with me, or they haven’t started offering a three bedroom, cat friendly apartment on the moon yet. But that’s the thing, is it really your dream if you aren’t willing to make a few sacrifices to get there?

My dream was to work overseas and guess what, I found a way to make that happen. It was quite literally something that fell into my lap, but if I hadn’t grabbed it with both hands and left my entire life at a moment’s notice, I wouldn’t be here, living the proverbial dream.

So, guess what guys, if you want something to happen, go out and make it happen for yourself. Don’t waste your life on jealousy, being envious of what others have because you could probably have it too if you work hard enough for it. So, next time you ask me what I’m doing with my life and you’re like, darn, I wish I could do that too, how about you ask me how I got here? Or, what you could do to make your dream a reality, because guess what, my life is not about you. MY life is about ME and you need to start making YOUR life about YOU.

Sappy moment,

Go out and make your dreams a reality. Go follow your passions, no matter how crazy they seem, as long as they’re still legal! Go do what makes you truly happy. Don’t live your life wanting to be someone else, or wanting to do what they’re doing, because green really isn’t your colour.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your dreams a reality today!

I really hope this post inspires at least one person to do what they love. This also isn’t targeted at anyone, but if you feel it’s written about you, you should probably take the advice I’m trying to give you. If you’re reluctant to accept my advice, I also offer a gift-wrapping service where I tie it all up with a red ribbon. Or, if that’s not your style, I can also stamp in on a giant foam fist and punch it in your face, or set it as your alarm ring tone to really give you the wake-up call you need!

Anyway, until next time!

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